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What we do?

We help you invest!

The whole investment process is simple when you allow us to guide you.

We will take you through different steps:


  • Together we define the purpose of your investment

  • We find the best opportunities for you

  • We assist you to define the best corporate structure

  • We assist you opening a bank account

  • We write an offer on your behalf


  • We submit the escrow deposit along with the offer

  • We professionally inspect the property

  • We work with the title company to begin the title transfer process

  • We get you to closing!


  • Whenever the property needs remodeling, we do it for you

  • We find a qualified tenant

  • We manage your property

  • You collect your return on a monthly basis


  • We do portfolio analisis for you on a regular basis

  • We help you locate new opportunities, new markets and assist you to set the right timing to sell your property at the maximum gain

  • We use all tax advantages to help you save money in taxes

  • We assist you to find financing to continue growing

  • You realize great gains and continue to grow your investment

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